What Is The Mood Of Michelangelo's David

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Michelangelo’s David was made in marble, over 17 feet high and it is even higher on his pedestal. Michelangelo used a damaged marble block that nobody wanted it and it was that made him excel in his masterpiece. It had a large hole in the middle. The story goes that when he went to ask Sorderini, the Florence mayor, for the marble block and he said, "Okay. After the worthless now, and you cannot mess it more.” The marble block had been sitting in the courtyard of the Opera di Duomo for over 20 years. Michelangelo 's David is a figure of a boy with short hair, but in a more masculine portrayal. It shows David before the battle. The David of Michelangelo is a nude boy in a very muscular shape. It shows his veins in his arms and hands.
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