What Is The Mood Of The Book Before You Go

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Before You Go by James Preller is about a boy named Jude Fox. Jude is a normal boy like every kid except he endured a more difficult time. Jude 's story is heart breaking compared to his friends. Jude 's summer is just beginning and everything seems great. He even meets the perfect girl at work. His summer seems to be going perfect till the day he decided on attending a party. Before You Go is a wonderful book that will keep you reading because of the storyline, the theme of the book, and the mood of the story. The book contained a phenomenal storyline. The beginning of the book gives a whole different vibe compared to the end of the book. There aren 't many characters throughout the story, but every character has a key role in the story. These characters change the course of the story throughout the book. Their decisions are what caused some tragedies for Jude. Jude 's attitude and feelings change dramatically because of the decisions that were chosen.…show more content…
I recommend this book to mostly teenagers because the characters are created mostly for a teenage audience. Some audience members might be able to relate to one of the characters in the story, therefore the reader and character might have a connection in some way throughout the story. Although I mostly recommend this book to teenagers, I still would recommend this book to anybody who loves to read. I 'm sure some adults would enjoy the book even though it 's mostly based around teenagers. In conclusion, Before You Go is a great book with a great storyline that will keep the reader reading for hours. The storyline isn 't the only factor that created such a great book. The theme and mood also played a big role in creating the book. Even though the book is great, there was one flaw that I believe should have been fixed. Despite the book being so small the author did an amazing job writing the story. I enjoyed reading this story, but you would have to read it yourself to see if you shared the

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