What Is The Mood Of The Poem 'Seaside Improvisation'?

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When you are in love you naturally have the desire of wanting to do things, anything, for the other person to make them happy. And usually, you do. But, for some people, the perpetuity of having things done for them is not as appealing as it once was. And now you are feeling useless because the person you love does not want what you have to offer anymore. You are feeling helpless because you cannot do anything about it, you can only watch the love they have for you turn into a yearning for something new. In Richard Siken’s poem “Seaside Improvisation”, the speaker experiences these feelings. He realizes that his companion no longer has the same desire anymore. Although, he knew something like this would happen he still feels that he can do nothing more other than surrender. The poem uses visual literary devices such as imagery and symbolism, as well as tone, to…show more content…
The speaker is describing his yard as “. . . dark, the tomatoes are next to the whitewashed wall, the book on the table is about Spain, the windows are painted shut.” (Siken 3-6), is also what his relationship has become. His dark yard, standing for nothing more than how lonely his relationship has become. The tomatoes next to the whitewashed wall is the built up hatred that they are concealing from one another. And the book on the table that is about Spain is the passion that they have for one another. But the book is just sitting on the table because it has already been read, and reading it again would be a waste of time because they already know what the book is about. Boredom has brewed in their relationship because “the windows are painted shut”. They have shut down their communication with each other. The two are no longer trying to see each other’s different point-of-view. The only thing they are now capable of doing with each other is breathing, so they can at least
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