What Is The Most Challenging Year Of High School Essay

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What year out of the four years of high school do you think is the most important to you? For me at first I was looking at it thinking all four years of high school is very important to me, but when I really thought about it, although I am only a freshman, I personally believe Freshman year may be the most challenging year of high school for some teenagers. There are many factors on why ninth grade can drop you as quick as a dime or gradually move you on so you can appreciate the next three years of high school. So what are some aspects on why ninth grade could be the most challenging year for teens? To inform you, there is a major transformation from middle school to high school, it is your ninth grade year you will be transferring from…show more content…
As in, do students prefer working independently or do they expect heavy assistance from parents or teachers to accomplish the smallest tasks? This could be a huge aspect on why/how you can fail ninth grade and know nothing, you got taught by any of your teachers. Some students prefer to work independently, which there is nothing wrong with that because I, myself, love to work independently on anything to deal with school- homework, projects, and and school work. On the other hand, there are some students that don't work independently and don't work with others. These types of people will usually fail because if you're not working by yourself or not working with a team, then who are you working with? The part I don't like seeing is when students start to depend on friends, teachers, or parents to start to do their classwork or homework for them. This habit will only get worse and not benefit you in the outrun for nothing. Students that start to train their brain to be lazy and not want to do something will not get anywhere and will slowly go downhill. One thing I would like to suggest to anyone who is slowly getting lazy is do your best to stay above water because in the outcome you will be thankful you did your best and worked your
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