What Is The Most Important Event In My Life

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My life is so eventful, all have so much meaning. Including, My first colossal birthday party. Also when my mom and dad got a divorce, and the best one is when my dad said that he was gonna adopt me. They all have a lot of meaning no matter how cliché they are. No matter how bad these events can get, they made me who I am, so I love each and every one. My first big birthday party meant so much to me. It was one of the first times, while my mom was married to my Biological dad, we could afford something like this. therefore, We ordered pizza for like every kid in the neighborhood, so much family came down. It was the first time in a long time we spent quality time together. I met so many new people and made so many more friends. I felt like…show more content…
I am more independent, more mature, and I won 't let people walk all over me. I think that it made me a stronger person. Being this kind of person I am more willing to go and do things the way I want with respect, I don 't let people walk all over me. Considering, that was a bad situation, people thought I was upset over it. No, I was happy and felt like a better person.
My dad is going to adopt me soon! Everything happens for a reason. When my parents got a divorce, it seemed like the end of the world. But when that happens, it opened a door to my step dad he is officially going to adopt me. It taught me a lesson. Not every bad thing in the world ends bad. So when things go wrong, I can have a sense of mind that keeps me happy, I will know sometime soon it will be better.
You know how everything happens for a reason. Everything, even the bad moments in your life they mean something. My parents divorce made me strong. My great birthday party made me happy, and my dad adopting me. Well that 's a great thing on its own. Yes everything does happen for a reason every moment second minute and event. My life is great inside and
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