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All of my life self-actualization has been something I have sought to achieve- often in the wrong places. While this journey can be quite difficult and tumultuous I would not do anything differently, in the broad sense, as this adventure has shaped me into the person I am today. It is true that I am indeed only 18 which can lead to some potential flaws in reasoning, but I am quite certain that the lessons I have learned are quite valuable. However, the most important lesson life has taught me must be that I don’t need someone else to bring me happiness. Although this lesson was at times exceedingly difficult to accept, once I did my life changed for the better. I had spent much of my life since 8th grade in a series of abusive, one-sided relationships that were, quite frankly, scarring. Although it may sound as if I have become embittered by past experiences and that I am advocating that people avoid relationships I must make it known that this is not the case. Even now I love the idea of a relationship and…show more content…
There were many advantages but one of the most notable was that I finally felt I was in control of my life. Previously I allowed myself to be shoved around and gave up much say in my life. However, once I took back control of my life I realized how much different, and better, it is to be the one in charge of my life. I could go out with my friends or see a movie and not feel as if I had to get permission first. Now the transition to this was rough; my schedule had been so dominated and determined by someone else that it was difficult to be put back into the ‘driver’s seat’ of my life. Not determining my own life had taken its toll as it had lulled me into apathetic complacency. I was lucky enough to have friends who saw this and did their best to draw me out of this state. Once my eyes were opened to how great it is to decide what I do I realized how much I had been

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