My Character Traits

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There are many different traits that people possess that make them individuals, for me, the most important or prominent trait would probably be my need to always have things planned out in advance and as well as possible. I gained this trait mainly through elementary school, I was very unorganized throughout most of it and even though I wanted to be getting good grades, I was always losing and forgetting about my homework. Over time I think I just started to sort of overcompensate by being much more organized that I need to be. While it can sometimes be hard to plan out everything as much as I would like, it has been very helpful for me in the past with school work and all of my jobs I’ve had for me to be pretty good at organization and time…show more content…
School, for me, is probably where it all began because I was constantly forgetting to do homework as a kid, which of course led to me getting in trouble and getting bad grades, which I really didn’t want.. Getting in trouble over something that I could so easily have done made me feel the need to work twice as hard to remember to finish and turn in all of my homework on time. I’m usually also pretty good at school work, but by losing and/or never turning it in I could’ve run the risk of being held back because it may have seemed like I wasn’t understanding the classes when I actually was. That brings up another reason I need to become more organized, my mom would have been extremely mad if I’d been held back because I wasn’t turning in my homework, and that was probably much scarier to me at the time then actually being held back. The second group that helped influence this trait is very directly related to the influence that my school had on me, my peers. Most of my close friends I had all through school were very good right away at getting their work turned in, after I finally realized that it made me want to sort of be like them in sort of a competitive way where I wanted to be able to keep up with them academically. I also learned quite early that I don’t like group work or projects, mainly
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