What Is The Most Memorable Time Of My Life

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One of the most memorable time of my life was my sister. She meant a lot to me more than anyone else was. We grew up together as best friends although we have a huge entire gap between our ages and sibling between us. Me + my sister= a entire world. We love doing things together. That is because we make the best out of everything even out of the worst and boringest thing like homework! We always wished if we were twins i mean we could have tolerated ourselves from fighting. We feel uncomfortable if we don’t do fun things together it doesn 't mean we hate hanging out with our friends just that we prefer it that way. We love the same things i don’t know if it seems weird but we do. For instance we love the same ice cream flavor, movies, activities, and many other more. We love it when we bake cakes and decorate it to make it look so fancy. People always think we are crazy just because we are obsessed with selfies we would take crazy selfies anywhere we go that is because we are addicted to it. We love doing musically we do it everywhere people think we are so random but we are just as normal as they are. Listening to music makes us very happy and joyful, we listen to it everywhere we go we are really addicted to it. We even have our own playlist and we update it every friday if there is any music we think we should add to it. My sister is my hero. It means alot to having her, She is such an amazing person in my life but there was a day that came and i wish it

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