What Is The Negory In William Pilbeck's Slaughterhouse Five?

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Most of us will never have to experience the horrors of war like the author of slaughterhouse five had to. But that does not mean that we should not be informed and know the truth about what it is like. Since most people will never go to war we need to read books like slaughterhouse five to know what it 's truly like. Some people and school boards have tried to ban this book because they believe that it is inappropriate for young teens to read, Teens must be exposed to this kind of literature so that they will not be naive to the cruelty of war. Slaughterhouse Five does not hold back with the gory imagery, and that is partly the reason why it has been disputed. The fact of the matter is that, that kind of imagery is necessary so that the reader can get some kind of sense, even if it is not first hand knowledge of some of the things that happen in war. The kind of things that the government and most people will not tell you about because it does not fit their agenda and it would make war seem less like the kind of adventure they like to portray it as. In the beginning of the book, Billy Pilgrim, the main character believed that to be truth, that war was and adventure an would be a grand old time. Soon though, he realized that to be false and that he had been lied to. Another main theme of the book is the effects of PTSD that are common among soldiers. The author is portraying some of his own struggles with PTSD through the character Billy Pilgrim. Billy is so messed up

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