What Is The Persuasive Speech On Endangered Animals

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From what i know and see on flyers and the whole social platform is that endangered animals is a big problem if you really think about it. Why i say that is because some or all animals help the world cycle from its existence to its waste. Before we even figured out about earth was and what else existed, we used the animals to eat, get survival supplies and for clothing that covered us during the day, then to aid us in sleep and to actually keep us warm when the weather was cold. The other things is that they help us to work, which is by moving the heavy things we can 't.

Bees use the pollen they collect from flowers to pollinate other plants we call fruits and sheep grow their wool so we have clothes. Everyday we need and use the animals to do things humans can 't do because we aren 't designed that way. There are people out there who do bad things to animals for talented, fun or just for excitement because some animals cannot defend themselves in times they need to. The bee farms we have that companies control for honey which is FIELDS of cages that hurt the bees to get the honey from them, while half of the population is caged and the others are wild bees in the forest. Some animals are pushed so much for the things they are capable of until they can 't do no more and when they stop then it moves on to the next, which goes by faster than you think.

What is want to know is, are there really any white tigers that are still living today? If so, how many is there? Is it

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