What Is The Pestel Analysis Of Burger King

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McDonald and Burger King are the main competitor in fast food industry in Singapore.

Organization Size
McDonald are everywhere in Singapore, they have over 120 outlets island wide and more than 8,000 employees to run the organization. Sales Promotion
“Burger King has debuted successful new limited time offers without adding back-of-the-house complexity,” Citi analysts write. “The brand has highlighted simplicity effectively - adding sauces, cheese, or when in doubt, bacon - and continues to benefit from successful promotions (2 for $5 sandwiches).” (Lutz, 2017)

Among quick-service restaurants (QSRs), consumers ranked McDonald’s No. 1 for providing “good value," “fast service" and “very convenient locations," yet scored low overall satisfaction scores from consumers regarding their most recent visit. (Naturalproductsinsider.com, 2017)


PESTEL analysis is a macro-environment framework for marketers to investigate and determines the various external factors that present opportunities or threat to the organization.

4.1 Political
Burger Hut operations are highly influenced by the political situation in Singapore. Rules and regulations changes of Singapore will affect the business of Burger Hut. These may include changes in taxation, food administrator, labor laws or food and beverages laws.

NEA regulates the food retail industry in Singapore to ensure that food sold at retail outlet is prepared hygienically and thus safe for consumption. This is

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