Possession Of Knowledge Carries An Ethical Responsibility

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“The Possession of Knowledge Carries an Ethical Responsibility.” Evaluate this claim. When I looked in to this quote, it struck me because it is stating that if you know about some knowledge you must use them according to your ethical beliefs. Possession of knowledge means to me that it is not only what you know about certain things, but also what it’s capability is. And Ethical responsibility is assuming that you would have the authority to choose what is ethically right. This quote assumes that all people with knowledge must use it ethically. From this, I raised the knowledge question of “if we have the knowledge, who decides whether it should be used ethically or not?“ In order to answer this question, I am going to explore the AOK of History and Human Science.…show more content…
We are aware that during WWII there were many horrible things that Nazi soldiers had done to the Jewish people. However, they had been brainwashed by Adolf Hitler and his cabinet’s “false” knowledge. There were few that kept their own knowledge and attempted to save many Jewish people. With belief that the possession of knowledge does carry ethical responsibility, I believe that both Nazi solders were doing what they believed was ethically right. For Nazi soldiers, that being told to kill Jewish people by a higher authority meant that all they were being taught was false and biased information. This caused about 5-6 million Jews to be killed during the Holocaust. From this case, I began to question, “ does person with possession false knowledge have the blame on their actions because of what they were taught to be ethically

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