What Is The Psych Ward In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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A psych ward is defined as a health care facility providing inpatient and outpatient services to clients with behavioral or emotional illness. Some people can not think straight and use the wards as their comfort. To get in a psych ward, you have to have done something insane or be mentally ill. The novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest uses a lot of craziness and rowdiness. The author, Ken Kesey, uses the actions of the patients that creates havoc and audacity between the nurse and them. One of the main characters, Randle Mcmurphy uses his rowdy and rule breaking ways to agitate the Big Nurse-Ratched and becomes a hero for the patients of the ward, Mcmurphy's actions end up turning the patients on the ward into functioning human beings.…show more content…
The patients get into the ward because they are mentally ill and need help. There are two kinds of patients: the chronics; which are in the ward for good; and the acutes, which tell jokes and they move around a lot (Kesey). McMurphy goes to the ward because he does not want to go to jail, so he pretends to be insane. All of the other patients went to the ward because they need help. They are essentially “cuckoo” patients (“The Guide”). McMurphy’s rebellion he shows makes the nurse hate him. Soon after Mcmurphy gets on the ward he showers and shows up only in a towel. Nurse Ratched gets very angry at him. She confronts him and simply states, “Stop, don’t you dare. You get back in that dorm and get your clothes on this instant.” (Kesey 87) Right from the start Mcmurphy is a rebel. He does not care what anyone thinks of
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