What Is The Purpose In Queen Elizabeth's Speech

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Queen Elizabeth’s purpose in her speech is to motivate her troops in the battle ahead. Winston Churchill’s speech is inspiring and simply delivered so that the audience could understand him. They say many similar things in their speeches to draw people in, however, the speeches are seen in a distinct manner. Both speakers captivated their audiences through rhetorical choices in effectiveness to win them over and gain their support Queen Elizabeth’s motivational speech was to instigate fortitude among her troops, so they were prepared for the fight to come, but to also bind together the country, its people, the kingdom, and God. Queen Elizabeth presented herself to the troops that she is a worthy queen to whom they should be willing to fight.…show more content…
She induced vigor into the hearts of the soldiers and reassured them, in the end they will be victorious. Queen Elizabeth encourages patriotism and religion to persuade the troops to protect her. She tells the troops that there will be reward after the battle. She states, “I know already, for the forwardness you have deserved rewards and crowns; and we do assure you in the word of a prince, they shall be duly paid you.” Queen Elizabeth does not demand loyalty but rewards it. Her troops will be paid money on top of the honor and glory a victory will bring. Queen Elizabeth’s use of rhetorical choices throughout her speech makes it solid and informative. The queen uses positive diction and imagery to motivate her people to defend their country. She uses positive diction to praise and motivate her subjects. The positive words like “faithful” and “loving,” allow troops to see her as a compassionate, considerate leader who urges them to fight for their country. Queen’s uses imagery in her speech like “in the midst and heat of the battle.” She uses anaphora to make it important and emphasize her
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