What Is The Quality Of Education In Pakistan Essay

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Abstract Education is a key which is used to build and develop nations. Pakistan is a developing country and has been facing long standing problems in quality and equal opportunity at every level higher education and vocational education. The quality of education and the condition of skilled person are very poor. Education is not about learning it is only teach us if you do not get the grade level, you will not achieve your goal. Majority of the teachers use traditional style in teaching. They use old methodologies which is not complete the modernized education style. The teacher’s training workshop must be held every month because our skilled teachers develop the people physically, mentally, psychologically, socially and spiritually. A life…show more content…
It is true because education can convert the information into knowledge. Education makes us capable of interpreting things among other things. Education is not only lesson of text books but also the lesson of life. The knowledge which we gain through education helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better career growth. Education is a tool which makes us responsible, sophisticated and a capable citizen. Getting a good education is very important to success in life. Quality of education is very important because it is not only for utilizing our self but it can also improve other people’s live. Education is a wealth of knowledge which acquire from school, colleges and universities and an enlightening experiences. Attaining of education is necessary in today’s world. It helps in fulfilling our hopes and dreams in better way. Nobody can deny the importance of education. It is a key of success. The knowledge that is gained through education helps in getting better future. It changes our mind and makes a responsible citizen of society. It is not only enhances inner qualities and skills but also helps to live better life and face challenges of

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