What Is The Reason In The Minister's Black Veil

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In "The Ministers Black Veil" by Nathaniel Hawthorne "The reason that it is difficult for the congregation and even his fiancée to look upon him is that they only see the veil. "The minister is hiding his face because he is afraid that what he is hiding will show to the people of the church and his fiancée. Mr. Hooper is wearing the veil because he committed a sin; and is hiding it from the town and his church First of all, Mr. Hooper is hiding behind the veil to ensconce his sins is because it is bigger than all the other sins everyone else has admitted. The article said that it could be him hiding a inclination he is having for a female. If that is the reason, then he would have to hide that from his church in order to not feel humiliated. The reason why Mr. Hooper has ambiguous sin is because he opens his first sermon about "secret sins". The vindication I think he didn't want his fiancée to find out was …show more content…

Hooper was wearing the veil to make people that actually did sin feel better about themselves. He was looked at as an idol by everyone so why would he wear a veil for people who did wrong? Mr. Hooper did something someone of his position was sacred to do and he was scared for his fiancée and his church to find out. As a reverend he was not supposed to sin, and that is why everyone looked at him differently and judged him without knowing why he wore the veil. By wearing the veil, he had to commit another sin and lie to his fiancée about why he was wearing it and he broke their vows as a result. (Article 3) In conclusion Mr. Hooper was hiding something he did and that’s why he wore the veil. The articles mainly had reasons why he would wear the veil and they were mostly because of possible sins. The evidence shows that he wore the veil the day of the maiden's funeral. There were only a few examples that supported him wearing the veil, but not because of

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