What Is The Relationship Between Greek Gods And The Gods

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Greek mythology has been one of the most complicated subjects in the field of religion and mythology. This is due to the complex relations and interactions which exists in the history of Greek gods and the humans who lived in ancient Greece. Different versions of the existence and the establishment of the superior beings were developed, which at times created suspense for readers through their interactions. The various tales which exist explain the various connections between different gods, how they relate to one another, the ideological order in which they came into existence as well as the interactions they had with humans. These tales form the basis of various religious beliefs and practices since it is perceived that it is through the interactions of the gods that humans came into existence, a situation which created the dependent relationship between mortals and gods. Through these tales, the explanation of human nature and behaviour is explained leading to a greater understanding of the origin of such human acts. This essay will examine the different relationships which exist in the myths of Greece between the gods and the mortals as well as the events related to them. Greek mythology highlights the difference between humans and the gods based on the powers they both have. The gods are portrayed as beings with supernatural powers over the different aspects of nature which they have control over. Humans, on the other hand, are viewed as inferior beings with no power
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