What Is The Relationship Between Language And Culture

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The Relationship between Language and Culture Research: Annotated Bibliography Bührig, Kristin, and Jan D. Ten. Thije.Beyond Misunderstanding: Linguistic Analyses of Intercultural Communication.Amsterdam: J. Benjamins, 2006. Print. This book has implicitcon jectures regarding cultural communication. Misunderstandings can take place in communication while it is done in an intercultural way. But intercultural communication can be analyzed beyond misunderstanding. Cultural misunderstanding is not always the only outcome of the interpretation of different languages. Intercultural communication can also help in understanding the culture of the people of the speakers of language. This book also deals with that language also helps people to know about the culture they are reading by the gesture of the speech such as their way of approach, point of view as a community and others. In this book, the relationship between language and culture is established through the linguistic reconstruction of intercultural communication. Through this book I get the idea that language also helps to learn culture for different situations. So, both the language and culture are interrelated with each other in terms of learning. Ferraro, Gary P., and Susan Andreatta. Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective. 8.th ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2010. Print. This text provides all the key material to escalatethe cultures of people which will help to know others language. It has talked

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