What Is The Relationship Between Mass And Tangential Velocity

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Mass vs Tangential Velocity K.Kirtanaa, Ms. Perez, November 14, 2016 Research Question: What is the effect of increasing mass on tangential velocity? Introduction: The experiment explores the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The independent variable is what you change in an experiment. In this experiment, the mass of the object is the independent variable. Mass is how much material an object has. (Singh, Lakhmir, 2012) It is the only variable that will be changed throughout the experiment. The dependent variable is what one observes or measures. The dependent variable in this experiment is the tangential velocity. The relationship of tangential velocity and the mass of the object will be observed and determined. Tangential velocity is an object’s speed along a circular path. The uncertainty is the numerical value of ranges of the result. There are three measuring instruments which require uncertainty. The weighing scale and the stop watch are digital devices and their uncertainties are the same as the smallest division. The metric ruler is an analog device and its uncertainty is half of the smallest division. (Hewitt, 2007) The experiment will show three objects being swung across in circular motion. The time taken for each of the objects to complete 20 revolutions will be observed. The time taken for one revolution will then be calculated and the tangential velocity will be calculated by the formula Vt = r * w, Where

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