What Is The Relationship Between The Catholic Church Is Universality

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The words "Catholic" means "universal". The Catholic Church is established by Jesus Christ. Catholicity and Catholicism are the concepts that include the beliefs and practices of the Church. While Catholicism is associated with the faith and practices of the Catholic Church, Catholicity is closely related to the universality. According to Avery Dulles, "The relationship between Catholicity and Catholicism cannot be settled at the beginning of our investigation since the terms are used with different nuances in different theological systems" (Calvanese 93). In other words, it is the relationship between 'the Catholic Church ' and 'the Church is Catholic '. Catholicism is the faith and practice of the Catholic Church while Catholicity is the quality of being inclusive or universality. In this paper, I will argue the close relationship and difference between Catholicism and Catholicity in the Church.
In the beliefs, all Christians declare the Church as a "Catholic" Church. In other words, where Jesus Christ exists is recognized as the "Catholic" Church. Generally, the Catholicity of the Church refers to authenticity and fullness of truth in the Church. Catholicism is an understanding, deposition, and dignity of human existence and characterized by beliefs, values, rituals, practices, history, and traditions. Also, according to the text, Father Richard P. McBrien states "Catholicism is characterized by a radical openness to all truth and to every value" (92). Also, Catholic

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