What Is The Role Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Greed is the downfall of all man. Who said this? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, any wise man would rephrase this when he hears of literature’s most notorious and sinister woman. There is little doubt behind every great man’s success, there is most likely a woman, but behind the great evils of Macbeth, there was a woman too; her name Lady Macbeth. Known for her way with words of manipulation and famed by her sinister masterminding of great King’s Duncan’s murder, her legacy was one that took a cold dark turn; when her nearly in-existent conscience embarks her on a slow and perilous descend into hysteria, and ultimately her demise.

Her dark journey begins when the prophesized prediction of three witches spark an overpowering ambition that would soon become an obsession. Her uncontrollable desire to attain the throne made her begin scheming a plot to ensure the prophecy becomes true and by which she would attain her life’s ambition. From the moment she heard of witches’ prophecies she lived her life with the sole purpose of attaining the position of power. For that she was willing to go to great ends; doing anything and everything it took to achieve this ambition. Her ambition now fueled by her greed for the throne and the illusion of surety created by the prophecy allowed it to take over her; molding a cold and dark masculine entity within herself. This masculine entity gave her the courage to perform unjust actions of the highest order with no remorse; it allowed
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