Essay On Children In Ww2

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Good morning Ms Brinckmann and class, After having researched the topic of children in WW2 I couldn't be anymore grateful for the life we live in today . Could you imagine taking the role of managing a house and family at an age younger than ours . In this age and time everything is handed to us on a silver platter but not back then, those kids were basically left to fend for themselves , with their fathers at war front and their mothers fulfilling the previous jobs of the men. Leaving them the responsibility of taking care of the house, themselves and other possible siblings. Having a joyful childhood was unknown to them as their circumstances had forced them to mature beyond their years. Being only a child, they had to take the roles and responsibilities of adults. Although the situation was not ideal they had no other choice. Every individual was impacted by this powerful war based on location and ethnic backgrounds. Thinking back to the war we feel pity for the men and women who suffered but we forget to sympathize with the kids who had been affected to. The situation of the children differed from country to country , some had it worse however nobody had it easy. Emotionally all children were affected by the…show more content…
In many places schools had been suspended. Most children could not attend school however schools known as "emergency schools" were made in certain areas. Children were taught many safety precautions at these schools such as the importance of a gas mask and how to use it. They were also told where to go and what they should do during air raids. Many schools had air raid shelters were children would spend a lot of their time to block out the noise of constant bombing. Children also helped contribute to the war by knitting clothes or blankets and collecting magazines so they could send it to the troops. Schoolchildren also created funds were they would raise money to buy
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