What Is The Role Of Children In David Copperfield And Oliver Twist?

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Charles Dickens was one of the greatest novelists of the Victoria Era. Throughout his life, he wrote 15 novels (one is unfinished) and crafted complex plots and striking characters that captured the panorama of English society. Meanwhile, owing to his own special experience, he kept his eyes on the real life of children and the poor. Known as the gladiator of the poor, he used his pen as a weapon to severely criticize corruption and other dark dimensions of the society. Although UK witnessed a rapid development in Victoria Era, the poor, especially children still lived in bad condition. By creating these images, he hoped to bring more and more people to show concern for children growth. While this thesis will give a brief introduction to Charles Dickens and his two typical works David Copperfield and Oliver Twist as well as historical background. Then, it will concentrate on children images depicted in his two typical novels in a more detailed way. There are three different images: images of positive significance like Oliver, Agnes and David; the images of negative implication like Noah and the Artful Dodger; the double character image like Nancy. This thesis will analyze each image from different aspects. It thesis will analyze Oliver from the spirit of resistance and his immorality and David from three perspectives: his determination and optimism; his industry and his attitude towards love. And Agnes ‘s positive significance embodies in her filial nature; her bravery and

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