What Is The Role Of Communication In The 21st Century

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Technologically savvy! Technologically savvy! Technologically savvy! All around the world we are becoming more technologically savvy. In the 21st century the whole idea of communication has change. We are now more advance than how we were back then. According to ( Dixon & O’Hara, 2013) communication is systematic process, which transfer information from one person to another with the aim of getting a feedback in return so as to ascertain whether or not the communication process was successful. This systematic process involves a sender, channel, a receiver and a feedback for it to be effective (Simon & Osborne, 2009). As time progressed and human development increased rapidly, communication has been manipulated in many ways, the latest of which has been classified as the technological period (Weiser, 2002). Therefore, with the ever increasing dependence on technology, communicationin the 21st century has changed to incorporate technological advances. In this technological advance state of life, communication is now more global, faster and revolutionizing system such as the education system (Mayhew & Media, 2014).…show more content…
Individuals are also able to share emotive responses that previously were not possible. In times gone by telegraphs or letters were useful but limited in that they largely depended on the receiver’s intellectual ability to understand the sender’s intent. However with the current advances with technology, individuals through the use of emoticons while texting or sending emails can instantly know and comprehend the sender’s intent through non verbal cues which previously was also not available (Amaaz,

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