What Is The Role Of Dance In African American Culture

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Britain is a country filled with different types of people. Some may be white and others maybe African, but that does not mean that those are the only groups of people there. Like the rest of the world the country is completed by a diversity of people from all over the world. They all come from different places. As people come and go from one place to another, they bring their customs with them. Soon enough their customs spread, such as dancing. Dancing is very different based on where it comes from. Africans came from many different places and then they settled in the United Kingdom. This particular group of people had a great impact on Britain, mostly on the dance culture of this country. The type of dance that this group of people…show more content…
Black dance has contributed to major significant traditions and celebrations in the United Kingdom. Some of these celebrations are the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics Games. “My direct involvement in these special events has given me a firsthand experience of the significant role black dance has played, as one of the ethnic minority arts, in celebrating the cultural diversity of Britain, (Kuwor).” This event concluded of a celebration that was celebrated in Britain with the Queen’s presence. Many young groups of British dancers would come to this event and dance. These events are very diverse with multiple groups of people gathered to celebrate these special events. There might be some other minority groups that have also contributed to the cultural diversity that these events. Since every group of people have their own sense of style when it comes to dancing and other things. Many can say that dance in Africa is very unique compared to many other parts of the world. Africans specifically are a group of people that have suffered tremendously. They might not be the only ones, but it is one of those that are very known for slavery. During the movement of Africans, many of these Africans were slaves running away from the Caribbean Islands, they would travel around till they settled down in a place. Many of these Africans came to the United Kingdom, and that is how the country became…show more content…
One specific way that is was used was for health and education purposes. “Author’s sketch based on the dance style of Sara Burstall in British Physical Education,1910. The Edwardian period saw the development of dance in the curriculum of elementary schools,public schools for girls and teacher training colleges, mostly taught as part of a wider physical training scheme.” (Bloomfield,pg 686) Dancing became very known throughout the country and it was used more and more in the school departments for education and health work. Many researchers have confirmed that dancing is a great benefit to the body as a whole. “The performance of aesthetic movements through dance is of benefit to health by developing the strength,speed and flexibility of the body.” (Bloomfield, pg 681) People may improve their physical bodies by just getting involved in dancing. Teachers in Britain have brought dancing to school curriculums to improve physical and mental abilities in kids. Schools and colleges both have adopted their curriculum that involves dancing as part of their classes. Many school boards thought that dancing could help children 's creativity and imagination. Reasons to why school and other public places have adopted dancing into their places is so people have the right to express themselves. Plus this way people are healthy because dance is like a workout. They aren’t necessary forced to dance for health purposes, it can be for fun purposes too.
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