What Is The Role Of Innovation In Education

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It is clearly seen that innovation plays an important role in the field of education. It is a tool to equip the younger generation with updated information to succeed in the 21 century. Different theories exist in the literature regarding the definition of innovation. In view of Carless (2013), innovation is regarded as an effort to achieve improvement by doing something different or special following the vision of implementers. In a study investing the term of innovation, Rogers (1998) reported that innovation involves both knowledge conceptions and transmission of retaining knowledge. As regards the innovation in education, it attracts the great concern of society nowadays as it has been viewed as a vital issue in keeping competitiveness in a globalized economy. It is not difficult to realize that Vietnam’s higher education still faces incongruity to fulfill the requirements of industrialization, modernization and global economic integration. The first challenge is out -of -date teaching and learning methods, which demotivates students in the lessons. For instance, in most of the lessons, teachers play a central role to convey knowledge while students have less opportunity to do teamwork, to solve problems and to brainstorm in class. The second constraint can be seen as Vietnam curriculum. It appears that the syllabus writers always want learners to shadow the similar footpath that they themselves have already experienced. It means that there is a lack of harmonization the

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