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The parliament of New Zealand was first established in 1852 by Britain. After over 160 years’ reforms, nowadays the Parliament becomes more independent. The current parliament consists of the Sovereign and the House of Representatives. The Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand. The House of Representatives usually consists of 120 members of Parliament who are elected as representatives every three years. The current parliament has 121 members from seven parties, which are National Party, Labour Party, Green Party, New Zealand First Party, Māori Party, ACT New Zealand Party and United Future New Zealand. As the Parliament of New Zealand has only one chamber, there is no upper house in the Parliament. The Parliament has four buildings located in Wellington: the Parliament house, the Parliamentary Library, the Beehive and Bowen House, which are centre of New Zealand’s democracy. The parliament plays important roles in political issues, which are of great significance to contemporary New Zealand. For the Sovereign, there are three roles of Sovereign in Parliament: the first one is opening and dissolving Parliament. The second one is calling Parliament to meet and the…show more content…
In the district courts, a maximum of 156 judges hear most civil and criminal trials. New Zealand now has 66 district courts throughout the whole country. The high courts are responsible for major crimes and appeals from lower courts. It comprises the chief justice and up to 55 judges. The next level up is the appeal court. The appeal courts deal with civil and criminal appeals from lower courts. It consists a president and five to nine judges. In addition, it decides the country’s laws. The supreme court is the highest court with the chief justice and four or five judges. It was first established in 2003. The supreme court hears civil and criminal cases that are of great significance to

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