What Is The Role Of Prohibition In The 1930's

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Throughout the whole 1920’s till the 1930’s. America went through prohibition, people were just taking it out of hand. You were able to drink a beer or hard liquor on your break time at work. So the house of representatives started to try and pass the 18th amendment, which was to prohibit alcohol in the united states. Prohibition is the banning of alcohol. America changed its mind though because depression started and murder rates started to rise. When prohibition got passed, a lot of people to get a taste of beer or whiskey back so bad that they were willing to do whatever it took for them to get it. A good majority of these people were gangsters, dope sellers, bootleggers, and racketeers, as shown in document A. They were all types of drunks. The men were in a depression and they started to break the laws to get what they wanted. they are a reason why america had changed its mind on the prohibition law.…show more content…
Attorney General for prohibition enforcement. she wrote this document about how congressmen and senators were being alcoholics. She was upset that the men who wrote the volstead act, an act against alcohol, were too bootleggers. In document D it says “Bootleggers infest the halls and corridors of the congress and ply their trade there.” During prohibition homicide rates took a great rise. document B shows that prohibition caused more people to kill, most likely to get the alcohol they couldn 't live without. Homicide rates were up to about almost 1 million people by 1933. By 1940 the homicide rates went down to about 500-600 thousand. There were more homicides than for ww1 and
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