What Is The Role Of Violence In Macbeth

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Jose Hernandez English 4 Mrs. Crockett February 3, 2016 Violence Violence is a behavior that involving physical or mental force, intended to hurt or even kill another. In the play Macbeth violence is a way of life. It is the major factor because it is the key to what makes Macbeth king. He wants to be king but also recognized as a noble and hardworking worrier. He went from being a great soldier in defense of Duncan to a selfish murder. Here is where the first main force of violent kicks in, the witches and his wife feed him with poison and is driven by ambition and a change in personality. The witches and Lady Macbeth use mental violence to try to get into Macbeth’s head. In Lady Macbeth’s side she makes her husband feel as if he is not a
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