What Is The Role Of Women In The 1920s

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Just as the United States was on the right path to bring their economy back to life, the next world war came. At the beginning of the war, the United States remained uninvolved. However, countries like Italy, Germany, and Japan, attacked other countries. The majority of the American citizens wished that their country would stay out of the conflict. Yet, despite the citizens’ attitude, the congress voted to induct American soldiers, as well as strengthen the military. The military action was initiated by Japan, which after dominating Asian territories, threatened to snatch organic materials used by Western industries . The United States (Japan’s main oil supplier) responded to the action of Japan by refusing to sell them oil. The heated conflict resulted later, in an attack on Pearl Harbor. As the United States was involved in the war, both people as well as the military industry became essential to the American economy. Artillery, ships, and weapons were needed as quickly as possible. And as men were trained to become soldiers, women were kept home.…show more content…
Due to a difficult economic situation, women’s clothes became much simpler than in the previous decade. As women spent time primarily at home, their closets were usually reduced to practical garments.
1.3. The Emergence of a New Woman: Role of Women in the Society in the 1920’s
Women had to adjust to the period that they were living in. As the 1920’s was the time of innovations, trying out some new, sometimes provocative things, so was the position of women within the society during this period. After World War I, women felt a need to change

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