What Is The Role Of Women In The 1950's

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During the 1950s, women were highly encouraged to stay at home to focus and care for their families. Women were more like restricted to stay at home and become a “housewife-mother” (Feminine Mystique, 1963). They had no freedom to do anything else other then care for their families; whereas, the husbands could do just about anything they want. Husbands can go to saloons and get flat out drunk, but they are still the head of the house. During the 50s, women felt like they had no purpose in life. They were “kept from growing to their full human capacities. No goals. No ambition (Feminine Mystique, 1963). It is important to see that women were also treated unequal as well. They were not able to vote. They were not able to make a decision on their
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