What Is The Role They Played In Deaf Culture

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Through Deaf Eyes depicts the history of American Sign Language, and the beginnings of deaf culture. It touches on stereotypes and whether or not they are true, mistreatment and the dangers of believing that people should be fixed, myths, and the negative and positive changes that have occurred throughout time in the Deaf community. It shows the perspective of the Deaf Community-or life through Deaf eyes. I learned a lot about history, art, and the roles they played in Deaf Culture. I have also now know a different side of certain people and places in history, for example, Alexander Graham Bell, and how the things he did for deaf people, and the things he did for hearing people were very different. I’ve learned about the things Deaf people have been through and where hearing people have made mistakes in their treatment of them.…show more content…
The danger in believing this, is that the more broken a person becomes in your eyes, the less whole they will be, and upon throwing away the idea of humanity, morals are compromised in the pursuit of fulfilling a goal. It’s not a sacrifice, or a favor, to treat a person as your equal. I think people as a whole would benefit from learning ASL; it would open up a lot of opportunities to further connect with the people around you, and give a deeper appreciation for the way other people live.
My thought process before was that the barrier between Deaf people and hearing people was insurmountable, but I have since learned that the barrier will only ever be as large as you decide it will be. I have also learned that caring enough to learn about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture will shrink the barrier as well. How well you understand people has a lot to do with how much effort you

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