What Is The Secret Sin In The Minister's Black Veil

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In this essay, the poem “ The Minister’s Black Veil ” by Nathaniel Hawthorne unravels the story of a man who was judged and thought to have committed a terrible sin. The key aspect discussed in “The Minister’s Black Veil” is of secret sin and how Mr. Hooper the communities reverend must carry the burden of these sins like how Jesus died for our sins. Mr. Hooper incites fear in his community after he starts wearing a black veil, but they don’t understand why. Everyone wants to ask Mr. Hooper why he wears a black veil but the community was craven. No one asked Mr.Hooper about the veil until his fiancee brazenly asked him. As a result of the black veil being worn by Mr. Hooper, his sermons have been more passionate and powerful as well as becoming a…show more content…
An example can be "But such was not the result. When Mr. Hooper came, the first thing that their eyes rested on was the same horrible black veil, which had added deeper gloom to the funeral, and could portend nothing but evil to the wedding"(Hawthorne 7) which says that deeper gloom was added because of a simple black veil being worn by a person in a funeral. As well as when Mr. Hooper’s smile was compared to a faint Glimmering light with something dark behind it“He even smiled again--that same sad smile, which always appeared like a faint glimmering of light, proceeding from the obscurity beneath the veil.”(Hawthorne 11)Other examples can be found throughout the story especially exaggeration. “The Minister’s Black Veil” is definitely not a romantic story ,but a story that tells a moral, the moral in the poem is that you cannot hide your secret sins from God. Mr. Hooper is a man who valued intuition over logic and reason and showed this by wearing a veil over his face to represent the sins of others. For instance, Mr. Hooper’s death was also
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