What Is The Similarities Between Hercules The Storm And Hercules The Mighty

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Mythology is a traditional story explaining the characters supernatural history. Many people enjoy reading myths, due to the lessons they teach us. In the story Into the Storm by Eleanora E. Tate and the play Hercules the Mighty by Spencer Kayden, they both have many ideas that are comparing to each other, but also many ideas that don’t. Hercules the Mighty is about a boy named Hercules, a twelve-year-old boy, realized that he very different than other kids. Hercules was bigger and stronger than the other kids. As his parents were explaining to him how a precious of a child he is, he wanted to show people how amazing he really was. Hera, queen of the gods, saw how Hercules was a giant and amazing human being he was, that she hated it. She wants to be amazing and wanted to prove people. Hera went up to Hercules and told him about the 12 labors. She realized that Hercules would most likely get killed from one of the labors, so she had to try it. Twelve years later, Hercules was still alive was still named as Hercules the Mighty. Into the Storm is about a twelve-year-old boy named Tucker Wills. Tucker was a very sporty and athletic kid. He loved to do many sports, but many kids made fun of him for how skinny and small he was. He was even called an elf, due to his pointy ears. Tucker didn’t care, he wanted to show people that he was this kid that was stronger than people thought. His family loved him, and Tucker loved his family back. One day, Tucker went out on the

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