What Is The Social Breakdown In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby is known as being rich and throwing parties that pretty much don’t end. He is someone who looks as if he would be very wealthy, but that is not necessarily the case. He did not grow up wealthy. Social breakdown is represented in so many ways. Including the way people live in this story. There are two different sides of town that people can live on, one being wealthier than the other. This story moves from social breakdown to the decay of marriage. One of the main topics in the story is social breakdown. Throughout the story there are so many secrets about Gatsby that people are trying to figure out, especially about his wealth. It turns out that Gatsby isn’t that wealthy at all, he just has all of these nice things and wasted his money on all of it to impress Daisy. He even lived where he does because it is close to where Daisy lives. Nick slowly processes all of this information throughout the story. Another way social breakdown is represented is by people living on different sides of town, where one side is a little wealthier than the other.…show more content…
The main affair is between Gatsby and Daisy. Slowly everyone figures out the different affairs. Gatsby misled Daisy because she thought that Gatsby has the money to be able to support both of them, but like I said earlier this is not the case. So when he had gone to Oxford, she got tired of waiting and went off and married Tom. The only thing he could have really offered her is his strong love towards her. This is also another example of social breakdown. As this all comes together and everyone finds out about the affairs there is a lot of tension throughout everyone. Things slowly come together about Gatsby. Tom wants to know where he gets his money from but Daisy is positive that he gets it from
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