What Is The Storm Literary Analysis

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"The Storm" is improper by any generation's standards, particularly for the time that it was written in the year 1898 since it is about an affair. Some of the characters are sexualized, show maturity, and show adults that make decisions that could affect their lives. By having amazing sex outside their marriages, Calixta and Alcée return to have those marriages feeling renewed. The author seems to excuse the adultery by allowing the characters not to be punished, and by having an ending where everyone is happy. Sexuality and desire walk through the lives just like the storm comes through in a single day. Even though it does not leave any evidence behind of the affair, its effects will linger in the mind of Calixta and Alcée. Adultery is an event that seems to happen and does not necessary bring any negative consequences. The storm is symbolized as the adultery act, that has come and gone…show more content…
We think of it as being dishonest or as a sin. "The Storm" is not so black and white. Calixta and Alcée cheat on their spouses by having an affair and go on as if it did not happen, but they seem to be kinder, sweeter, and more loving to their spouses. Their adultery act seems to help strengthen the marriages rather than destroying them. Neither Calixta or Alcée feel any guilt over their actions and it seems to make them stronger to better love their spouses. In "The Storm," the characters and the world around them are experiencing the same kind of brief, exciting, and dangerous natural disaster: the storm. Calixta and Alcée experience it differently than Bobinot, BiBi and Clarissa; for Calixta and Alcée, the storm heightens the danger and excitement of the adultery. When the storm is over the world recovers and goes on. When the lovers are finished with their act of passion, they part ways and return to their spouses and go on as if everything is
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