What Is The Story Of A Short Story

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STANLEY, THE DOG ON THE MOON A Tale by Granny Thornapple Stanley the dog had lost his people. He was running in the park and the next thing he knew he was alone. He was a smart little dog, so he stopped and waited in one spot for his people to find him. He sat and sat, he waited and waited. It got dark and the wind came up, but no one came. Stanley was alone and lonely. The only friendly thing he could see was the full moon shining down on him. If he looked closely he could almost see the smiling face of the Man-In-The-Moon looking at him. Finally, got so late and Stanley got so lonely that he decided to seek help. By the light of the moon he walked down a path in the park. He stopped and called out, “I 'm Stanley the dog and I 'm lost.” “WHO?,” someone said. “Stanley , I 'm a white dog with brown and black spots, and I 'm lost.” “WHO?” “Stanley ,” he said again. “Oh bother!” Stanley said as he walked toward the tree the voice was coming from. He looked up and there on a branch was a wise old owl. She had big yellow eyes and she stared down at Stanley in a friendly manner. ( INSERT Picture of Stanley looking up at the owl in a tree) “It 's you,”said the owl,”I was wondering WHO was calling out like that.” “I 'm Stanley and I 'm lost.” “I know,” said the owl.”that 's what you said.” “I can 't find my people and I 'm sad.” “You 're a wise old owl, can you help me?” “I can 't help you find your people, I know nothing about people, I only come out at
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