What Is The Story Of A Short Story

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Irene is a fifteen-year-old girl, who 's a victim of bullying at school, due to her poor background. One day while the bully was picking on her, she meets Eren, the son of a rich family. Eren protects Irene from the bullies, and soon they become friends. One day Eren asked Irene to meet up on the street near her house, and said that he wanted to tell her something important. Irene said yes, and agrees to come. Just as Eren came out of the house, its started storming and rain is pouring down. He quickly ran past that broken light, it sparks dangerously, so he stops to take a closer look. Suddenly a man drags him backward while clamping a drugged cloth over his mouth, and Irene gets there in time to recognize Eren. She screams out his name and runs after the car, and although the kidnapper is safely on the move, he growls that the girl saw his face. So he stops the car. She pounds on the window begging to let her friend go, but it was no use, but end up being taken by the kidnapper as well. Due to an unexpected accident during the time when Eren and Irene were kidnaped, they become separated. Both attempt to escape but only Irene was success. She ran from closed shop to closed shop asking for help, and spies a pay phone. Then Irene calls the police line and begs for help. She asked to provide her location…and drop the phone ad went to hide as she saw the kidnappers. By the time the polices arrive at the scene everything is charted black. Irene was unable to return to help
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