What Is The Strength And Weaknesses Of H & M

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Evaluation of H&M from SWOT Analysis

Internal Analysis Strengths: Total Score +8 Weakness: Total Score -4 +4
External Analysis Opportunities: Total Score +6 Threats: Total Score -5 +1

Total Strengths @ Positive position
Total Score +14
Total Score -9
Sum +5

According to SWOT Analysis of H&M, indicate the following;

 H&M internal strengths is very strong when comparing the company strengths and weakness where +8 versus -4 and total score came up to +4. This indicated that H&M brand and the way they do business is very stable and consistency with the brand they are and what they are offering to their customers across the globe.
 H&M external analysis comparing opportunities and threats found that it is not so much different (online 1 point different) from each other but somewhat they are still positive and more opportunities to do business.
 Comparing both Internal Strengths and External Strengths of H&M, from the analysis tell us that H&M is very strong internally with its brands and the way they set the company different from another the fast fashion retailers because they strongly offer best price for everyone which this is their main point for the brand communication.
 Even though H&M has a high threats externally from their competitors but yet they still remain on the top three for the world’s largest fashion retailers because their internal strengths that support and eliminate the risk from the external factors.
 For the international

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