What Is The Symbolism In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The theme for “A Good Man is Hard to Find” begins with saying; we've all probably heard the saying “everybody shuffling fault.” While we might discovery this set phrase reassuring in situations like misfiling a write up or a making a minor traffic violation, it is shuffling a much more disturbing observation in the case of umbrage like theft or murder. Of course, Flannery O'Connor isn't claiming that everyone's guilty of homicide; however, her short circuit narrative “A Good Man is Hard to Find” makes it clear that everybody's guilty of something. Author Flannery O'Connor - a diligent Catholic and life-long Georgia house physician - often relied on her religious beliefs and regional experience as sources of inspiration for her work. This is particularly true in “A…show more content…
Her care for how she will be observed after decease reveals that she is troubled with the presence of respectability more than the fact of being ethical or “proper.” The grandmother’s hat also makes it visible that she does not precisely clasp the extremity of dying. While the Misfit thinks that the extremity of death makes all Earthly efforts ridiculous and unmeaning, the Grandmother takes into a more accepted look of mortality—focusing on appearances and not thinking too closely around the fact of death. It is no coincidence that the grandma’s hat is then destroyed when the family does get into a car wreck. For all the grandma’s effort to preparation for a presentable death, she cannot subdue her destiny once the rough disorder of life obstructs her close world. Executed in a trench by a given murderer, her death is remotely far from regular and appropriate. Rather than being recognized as a “proper women,” her body could possibly never be found at
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