Racism In Gran Torino

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A recap of the film Gran Torino is all about a strong-willed racist veteran called Walt Kowalski living in the neighborhood with Hmong immigrants, from Southeast Asia. Walk virtually detested and resented all the Asians and everything around him. He called them ‘gooks’ and ‘chinks’ but the Hmong’s ignored his abuses. Walt lived alone and it seems his wife had died to live him two sons, with whom he had little relationship. His teenage neighbor, Thao was pressurized by his gang to steal his car, and Thao came one evening perform the act, unfortunately, Walk caught him. Thao’s family insisted to Walk that Thao works for him to atone for his misconduct. Walk from the beginning did not want to have anything in common with his neighbor because…show more content…
it became a turning point in the life of both parties leading to friendship, that transformed their lives. As friends, Walk sold his refrigerator to Thao at a lesser price because Thao insisted to Walk to lift the lower part while the latter lift the top.
The film portrays some aspect of racism and cultural judgment from the part of Walk Kowalski, through resentment, despising and use of metaphors-gooks and chinks. According to his judgment, these Asians deserved to be addressed in any manner, since they are inferiors and not well informed. Walk dislike made him spit out when he sees his Hmong neighbors, implying that he perceived them to be less than animals. For Walk could not treat his dog in that manner. When Walk is not doing some repairs or cleaning around his property, he sits on his porch and will notice the different movement his surroundings. His racial bias must
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Walk conversion enabled him to embrace humanity, portrayed in the way he shared his life with Thao’s family even more than his biological children. When he realized the threat from the bandits towards Thao and family, he went for confession after many years, bought his funeral coat, gave his dog to Thao’s mother, then went and face the gang where he was killed. His death led to the arrest of the gang, thus bringing peace to Thao and family. It was his love for Sue, Thao, and parents that led him to be the sacrificial lamb. The arrest of the gang did not only save Thao’s family but the whole city who suffered from the mischief of these gang. Walk’s sacrifice and the gift of his car to Thao was the litmus test of his love for the boy and family. Walk’s conversion removes Thao from the gang of bandits, which led to Thao’s conversion as well. Walk found a home, he improved the dignity of Sue, Thao, and family he attempted to
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