What Is The Theme Of Ambush By Tim O Brien

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How does war affect your mind, body, attitude, and change your life? War veterans suffer every day from mental and physical illnesses that cause them to have problems. A person in war is affected in so many more ways than anyone could think of. In “Ambush” by Tim O’Brien, the narrator was changed by the war experience. The way the war infests his brain is in multiple ways. The war inflicts damage on him and it scars him for life causing him to have a mental disorder. The war changed his life forever. Mentally and physically. It was not just the disorder he came back with. War puts affect on your mind, as well as your body. How does the narrator change his behavior as a parent? The narrator is protective over his daughter. The reasoning of him not being completely honest with her was because she is young and innocent. She is too young to understand the reason that her daddy had to kill people in the war. He would not tell her the truth because it would destroy her emotionally. She would not understand why he had to do what he did and also as he was told. She could possibly think that her daddy was a mean and hostile man and that could cause her to not want to have anything to do with him. One day he is hoping for her to ask again so he can tell her the…show more content…
How the narrator's behaviors as a soldier changes, is that he becomes hesitant and scared. This particular soldier does his duties, but is terrified and paranoid in doing so. He wants to warn the enemy that he is about to die, but he can not because it is not his job to do so. If he was to not kill the man, even though he was no harm to them, he would have been in big trouble for not fulfilling his duties as a soldier. Also, the way he kills the man shows how he feels about the war and how he didn't know how to react. He could have just as easily shot the man and not wasted a grenade, but he could not react
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