What Is The Theme Of Betrayal In The Kite Runner

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Kite Runner Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, trading your integrity, and having little dignity in life. In the book “The Kite Runner,” there were many examples of betrayal. Some characters chose to engaged in it; however, others did not. Betrayal plays a key role throughout the story and many great examples are portrayed in the writing. The primary illustration of betrayal is demonstrated between Amir and Hassan. Amir and Hassan were very close from a young age. They acted as brothers would; they would later find out they actually were. In Kabul, a town in Afghanistan where they both grew up, a very popular activity was kite flying. Kids and even adults would fly kites with glass attached to the string; the people would try to cut the other kite’s lines. Once a line had been cut kids would run and chase the kite to…show more content…
Hassan always stuck up for Amir. When he and Amir came face to face with bullies that wanted to beat Amir up Hassan stuck up for him and didn’t let it happen. When he the bullies wanted the blue kite that he had caught for Amir he wouldn’t give it to them, knowing that he would be raped. Hassan had always been very nice to Amir even when Amir had betrayed him. One example is when Amir tried to get Hassan out of the house. From Baba’s perspective stealing was and unforgivable sin, so Amir framed Hassan for stealing his birthday money. Everyone knew that Hassan never lied so when Baba asked him if he actually stole the money he said yes. He knew that if he said no they would believe him and Amir would get in trouble. One day Hassan told Amir, “For you a thousand times over” (Hosseini 153). Hassan would do anything for Amir. Even after he found out that Amir had watched him be raped he still wouldn't let Amir get in trouble. This shows how much Hassan loved Amir, not once did Hassan betray Amir yet that’s all he did to
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