What Is The Theme Of Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Journey

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We all have the thirst for adventure, no matter how dangerous the journey may be. The novel, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, tells us the story about a young man named Chris McCandless who had that thirst. Chris decided to take a trip to Alaska and live in the wild. Before McCandless left, he only packed a few things, causing him to be unprepared for this long treacherous adventure. Along the way he has met many people that were willing to help him get to his destination. Everyone wondered why he dropped everything. Many believed it was because of his philosophical beliefs and his literary influences, but nevertheless they are simply wrong because he wanted to escape his imperfect relationship with his parents and he had a history of rebellion & risk-taking tendencies. A reason why Chris decided to leave everything behind and head down to Alaska, was because he wanted to escape the flawed relationship he had with his parents. Chris was the type of person who favored the world for it’s beauty rather than favor it for the materialistic items its people had to offer. When Chris graduated Emory University in May of 1990, his parents Walt and Billie offered to buy him a new car as a graduation present. Chris had immediately declined the…show more content…
When Chris was twelve, Walt took Chris and his other child out on a hike in Longs Peak down in Colorado. The mountain was approximately 14,256 feet. That is a pretty big mountain, as soon as they reached the 13,000-foot elevation Walt decided they should turn around. Krakauer writes, “ [Walt] was tired and feeling the altitude. The route above looked slabby, exposed, dangerous. “I had it, OK,” Walt explains, “but Chris wanted to keep going to the top…’”(109). Even as a young teen Chris wanted to take risks, he was determined to go all the way to the top even if it looked pretty

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