What Is The Theme Of Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Have you ever noticed no matter the situation there is always someone that seems to be leader? The theme, questionable leadership is everywhere even in the loneliest places, is present in our everyday life and in The Lord of the Flies. In the novel The Lord of the Flies by William Golding a group of young boys ended up on an inhabited island because of a plane crash. Even though Jack really wanted to be in control, a boy named Ralph became their leader after calling the group together by conch. Throughout the book people listened to when the conch called, and tried to escape the island. Jack finally had taken over and almost everyone turned fully savage. In the end all Ralph Jack 's leadership is extremely questionable. Jack has convinced most of the boys to come join…show more content…
At another meeting boys were scared and told their story of seeing the beast. A group of little ones pushed forward a small boy. Piggy asked the boy his name and after he said it he began to say his address but began to cry. This made all the little ones sad and they all started to sniffle. “Jack was the first to make himself heard. He had not got the conch and thus spoke against the rules.” (Golding,87) Jack didn’t care about the rules because at that moment it made him look smart. He could have grabbed the conch and spoke, but chose to lead on and speak against the rule. All throughout the book they all listened to whoever had the conch. In the real world people do sometimes link leadership with a certain item and can go against rules to get it. In conclusion, even in the loneliest places, there can be leadership that is questionable. This theme applies both in The Lord of the Flies and in reality. It is important for us because people should always question the person in charge if what they say or do seems wrong. So, have you noticed in any situation that there is always one person in charge no matter where you
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