What Is The Theme Of Lucinda Faith And Change

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Book Rave Kate, Lauren, Fallen. New York: Delacorte Press, 2009.
Plot Summary: Lucinda Price is sent to Sword & Cross reform school in Savannah, Georgia in the assumption that she was responsible for starting the fire that killed her boyfriend, Trevor. During her stay at Sword & Cross, Luce learns how to control the "shadows" she 's been seeing for as long as she could remember; the shadows that caused the fire, ruining her life. Along with dealing with her so-called insanity, Luce meets a group of kids who are all too strange. There 's Daniel Grigori; a guy that is inexplicably handsome to Luce and unusually
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Cam then tries to get with Luce but when rejected, he attempts to kill her revealing that he is also one of the fallen and is allied with Lucifer; Daniel saves Luce as a fight between good and evil emerges testing Daniel and Luce 's love.
Themes and Issues: Change: From the start, Lucinda began to experience changes in her life. Moving from one environment to another can always be hard, especially for the wrong reason. Luce and a few other students moving to Sword & Cross was a big change that included new rules, different people, and a overall living space. The schools thoroughly secured campus put Luce, along with others, at unease as the cameras watched everything they did, at every minute of the day. The school also allowed a fifteen minute only phone call, per week, for every student. Not only is going to school with mentally unstable people compared to the people Luce was used to, Luce also finds that Sword & Cross classes are long and mostly about god, who she really has no interest

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