What Is The Theme Of Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl

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Fangirl Book Review The title of the story is Fangirl and it is written by the New York Times bestselling author, Rainbow Rowell. The book starts off as the main character, named Cath Avery lives in Omaha, Nebraska and has a twin, which her life turns around when she is a freshman in college. Her only escape is for her to write fanfiction and be in a world of Simon Snow. The author Rainbow Rowell gives her readers the sight of looking into more of a life of a fangirl/young adult’s complications and solutions. The author successfully puts out and teaches the theme through descriptive wording and the functionality of literary devices, to express the overall message as the story fits in place. She uses those devices like imagery and metaphors that shows vivid descriptions.Rainbow Rowell shows how something can be discovered deep inside a character’s action…show more content…
One scene that stood out to me the most is on Chapter 23 when Professor Piper from Cath’s Fiction Writing class actually has a face to face talk to her.To me it seems like the professor wants to get something out of Cath to discover for herself to what she really is as a writer and her own self. The professor is like inferencing to her in a way that fanfiction is not all that there is to her and writing. It impacted the characters because the professor was starting to learn about Cath and what she needs to do to get something out of her, and Cath is impacted in a way that she has to rethink of herself as in like a reflection of her past and where she is now. It does speak to the theme of the book because it shows how Cath shouldn’t just be a fangirl and writing fanfiction all her life, there is a time for her to do the things she loves and exploring other levels of diverse opportunities in the present. It speaks in a lingering way for you to discover that fiction comes to reality in terms of giving an inspirational view of life of a fangirl, which can still be a person for more than she stands

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