What Is The Theme Of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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This is a teen fiction book called ‘Speak’ and it was written by Laurie Halse Anderson. It was published on October 22, 1999. The subject of my book is about a teenage girl who lost all of her best friends for a thing that she did at the end of the summer party by calling the police. Her best friends stop talking to her and people from a distance hating her because she never tells the reason why she called the polices at that night. The thesis of this story is about, even if you are right but never speak up, people will never know the truth. The theme tells you that the things that you think forever can also end, such as friendship. The most important and interesting part of this book is when she reveals the reason why she called the polices,…show more content…
Melinda is taking an art class and it has only one assignment for the whole year. Her assignment is to make a tree but she never gets it right. Melinda wanted to become a friend with Invy (who is in her art class), “ I wish I could sit with her. She knows art.” ( Anderson 10) because she thought that she might get help from her. They become friends and Melinda less shy around with her but still have low self-esteem. David, who helps her to improve her self-esteem and also her lab partner in biology class, invites Melinda to the party at his house but she said no, even though she knows that David is not a bad guy like Andy is, and his parents are also going to be at the party. She is still shy and scared about the party and doesn’t want to happen it like the last year’s party does. “ Lunch with Heather starts cold” ( Anderson 88). One day, Heather finally end her friendship up with Melinda because she thought that being with Melinda can affect her other friendships and social life. Melinda doesn’t have so many friends but Heather is a popular one. I felt like Melinda is so unlucky because her best friend broke up with her and now, she just got a new friend and that friend ended up her friendship with Melinda,
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