What Is The Theme Of The Lions Bride By Gwen Harwood Essay

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Life is full of inevitable change ad it is not always easy in order to understand our lives and ourselves, we much understand the sacrifices need to be made and this can mean having to face the unknown. Harwood’s collection of poetry explores the understanding that comes with change, despite the challenges it presents. Through her use of memories and the experience of losing what is valued in life, Harwood teaches readers that although the inevitable changes of life will not come easy, it is important to find ways to cope and move on with our lives. Being introduced to new aspects in life such as; marriage and children, a part of our lives can be taken away and sacrifices are to be made. “The Lions Bride” gives readers the understanding of a female point of aspect when life is changed…show more content…
Harwood contrast at the start as a “she” then being dehumanised as an “it.” The personification Harwood described the bride tells that a piece of her freedom has been taken away from the change. The bride would have to cope to try and regain to what she was once to the lion with “her warm human smell.” Her sense of freedom was juxtapose by her “barefoot stepping in [his] cage” as Harwood suggests that she knew what she was stepping into, but didn’t understand the sacrifices she must make, by undergoing the change of becoming a wife. Furthermore, “In the Park” advise women that being a mother will change their life, but it isn’t easy as more sacrifices are made in order to be more devoted to the children. Harwood setting of the park is a symbol of freedom, but the woman couldn’t move forward to the freedom as her children “tug at her skirt” bringing her down. The inevitable change draw attention to Harwood’s readers, that the change of being a mother isn’t always easy,
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