What Is The Theme Of The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold

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A girl who grew up in Madison,Wisconsin, awaiting college to be a writer, encountered tragedy in her first year of college: She is brutally attacked and raped.
Alice Sebold was inspired by 3 main things her brutal rape, the disappearance of 3 girls and her 0. mother. Alice Sebold wrote in the twenty-first century and lives in Avenue of the Americas, New York. Alice started writing books because of her traumatic youth. Many people including me care about her and her books. She is significant because she is brave enough to write about her rape and brutal events that she has experienced. She also is the best selling author of the book “The Lovely Bones.” Alice found inspiration in her brutal rape and in a disappearance of teenage girls that were never found. Her mother was also a great inspiration to her.
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Alice was walking to her dorm and right as she was passing a tunnel a man grabbed her and brutally raped her in the tunnel that led to an old amphitheatre. Alice eventually made it back to her room where all her roommates were and they took her to the hospital. After that they told the police what had happened and the police told her that she was “lucky” because, a week ago a girl had been raped and killed in that exact tunnel where alice was raped. This inspired her to write two of her main books “Lucky” and “The Lovely Bones.” Both of these books have a lot in common. It’s like one book leads to the next one.
According to http:www.biography.com and the book Lucky pages
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